Tequila Time! 10 Fun Takes on the Margarita

A well-mixed margarita is much more than just a simple cocktail. Kick it up a notch with tangy fruit flavors, fresh herbs and surprising liquors. Celebrate the long, lazy days of summer ahead with one of these amazing margaritas.

By Colleen Mullaney

Berryita MargaritaBerryita Margarita1. Berryrita
Get your blender ready! The tangy sweetness of summer berries blends perfectly with Chambord, an intensely flavored raspberry liqueur. This drink is a must-have for a sultry summer day.
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Mojitoarita MargaritaMojitoarita Margarita2. Mojitarita
Here's a new twist on the ever-hot mojito. Instead of rum, tequila adds a tasty and powerful punch and pairs well with mint and lime. These incredibly refreshing cocktails are ideal served by the pitcher.
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Watermelon Basil MargaritaWatermelon Basil Margarita3. Watermelon-Basil Margarita
Late summer is watermelon's time to shine, and there's no better way to use it than in this frosty herbal drink. Made with watermelon, watermelon schnapps, tequila and fresh basil, it's summer in a glass.
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