Testing, Testing: Kitchen tools to make cooking easier?

Can anything make three of summer's greatest ingredients-corn, greens and garlic-easier to enjoy? We tested the ol' tried-and-true (knives to cut kernels, paper towels to wash greens and lemon juice to rid of garlic-hands) against newer inventions to see how they stacked up.

We tried a serrated knife and two kinds of corn strippers.

Once the kernels are off the cob, use them to make:
Summer Corn and Tomato Pasta

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We tested paper towels against a classic salad spinner and a newer salad spinning bag.

Once your greens are cleaned, use them to make:
Spinach Salad with Tuna, Bacon and Grilled Scallions

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We tested lemon juice against foaming cleanser and steel soap.

After you peel your garlic, use it to make:
Garlic Potato Dip

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Prices were accurate at time of original publication.

Corn: By Katie Barreira | Photography by Hemera Technologies/Alamy, Melissa Gant, courtesy of OXO;
Salad Greens: By Teri Tsang Barrett | Photography by David Toase; Garlic: By Steve Greenberg | Photography by Davies + Starr

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