The 10 weirdest restaurants in the world

Think the turkey legs and jousting at Medieval Times are kind of wacky? Fie thee, knave! Dining only gets weirder, especially when you start searching beyond our shores. We've combed the globe for the 10 craziest restaurants in the world. (Hint: One of these restaurants includes the kinds of seats only your scatological 7-year-old son would appreciate.)

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snow restaurant

1. The SnowCastle at Kemi in Finland is built out of snow and ice. Every winter the castle (which also contains a hotel) is rebuilt. The restaurant may be chilly -- negative 5 degrees Celsius -- but the food is hot. Enjoy your reindeer stew!

solo restaurant2. Love airline food? No? I'm shocked. Fortunately, the eats at Solo Restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are tastier than your average in-flight meal. The restaurant is housed inside a retired Boeing KC-97 tanker.

dinner in the sky

3. Speaking of in-flight meals, Dinner in the Sky literally takes your dining experience up a few levels. It consists of a table suspended 50 meters up in the air. Technically it's not even a restaurant; it's a dining experience you can arrange for your guests in locations throughout the world. A suggestion should you ever get invited: Visit the ladies room before you sit down for your dinner.

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treehouse restaurant

4. The low-tech version of sky-dining is the Tree House Restaurant & Cafe in Costa Rica. The restaurant is built into a giant fig tree.

dining pod

5. And for another low-tech/high-flying dining experience, there's the Dining Pod in Thailand. Eat in a giant rattan basket above the ground while "flying" waiters serve you.

the clinic singapore

6. For those who like a little anxiety with their food, there's The Clinic in Singapore. The hospital-themed restaurant features "doctors" who perform "surgery" over your meal in an open operating room/kitchen. Diners sit in wheelchairs at surgical tables.

volcano house hotel

7. Eat inside a volcano at the Kah Ohelo dining room of Volcano House in Hawaii. Visitors get a view of a steaming fire pit -- and we're not talking about a barbecue grill.

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8. At Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives, you can much on delicacies 16 feet underwater, watching your dinner swim all around you. The restaurant is made completely of glass.

house of poopoo

9. And now for the gross-out restaurant made for 7-year-old little boys: House of Poo Poo in Beijing, China. Sit on toilet seats, slurp out of a toilet-shaped bowl, and gaze at the urinals around the world. What's that -- you've lost your appetite already?

10. We've saved the best for last. At Ka-Tron Flying Chicken in Thailand, flaming chickens are catapulted into the air and caught by unicycle-riding waiters. You have to see this:

Would you eat at any of these restaurants if you could?

Images via Medieval Times, Snow Restaurant, Solo Restaurant, Dinner in the Sky, Tree House Restaurant, The Dining Pod, Michael Spencer/Flickr, Ka Ohelo, Ithaa, House of Poo Poo.

Written by Adriana Velez or CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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