The Best Basic Brownies Recipe. Period.

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We can't believe people are still using boxed mixes when this recipe for the Best Basic Brownies uses only 6 ingredients-most of which you likely have on hand.

But don't just take our word for it! Here's what our Every Day people have to say:

"These are the best homemade brownies I've ever had. Most turn out like dry cake, but not these. Every time I've made them they come out moist and delicious."-kinetic

"The ingredients are sooo easy to find and keep in stock."-mariamercado23

These are great and fudgy!!!! I get compliments every time I make them. They're super-easy, and you can customize them by sprinkling all sorts of goodies on top."-ctan6697

I was all over this recipe! The first take I followed it as written almost-did add that splash of vanilla. Baked up in an 8x8 for an extra 20 minutes, but my oven runs cool. Since the bowl was dirty, I mixed up another batch, adding chocolate chips and vanilla. This pan was 9x9, but the chips slowed down the baking and it still took an extra 20 minutes. Now that bowl was still dirty, and I still had cocoa but no more butter. So I made another batch using canola oil and 1 tablespoon of milk, instead of the butter and chips and vanilla. Still fabulous. Sent them to work with hubby, froze some and gave some to the grandkids, the neighbors and ate some (a lot). Great recipe, but oven temps vary and your time will too."-natesnonni

Recipe by Liz Pearson | Photography by Levi Brown

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