The Easter Dinner You’ll Never Forget

Cookbook author Virginia Willis takes delicious liberties with her family's old favorites, serving ham flavored with lavender, simple roasted sweet potatoes, and citrus-spiked strawberry shortcake. (The biscuits, however, are completely classic.)

Plus: Move over Peeps! Celebrate Easter with these recipes and decorating ideas for festive bunny cakes, fruity desserts, and other yummy treats.

Horseradish-Buttermilk Dip

To keep everyone's stomach from grumbling before dinner, Virginia sets out a horseradish- buttermilk dip along with crunchy 'Watermelon' and 'Cherry Belle' radishes.

Get the recipe: Sliced Radishes with Horseradish-Buttermilk Dip

Steamed Asparagus with Tangerines

Simplicity's the way to go with asparagus, says Virginia, who steams the spears, then tops them with tangerines.

Get the recipe: Steamed Asparagus with Tangerines

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Lavender Herb Ham

"It surprises people that I put lavender in the herb rub for my ham, but it's an incredibly versatile flavoring," she notes.

Get the recipe: Baked Fresh Ham with Herbes de Provence

Buttermilk Angel Biscuits

"This simple biscuit recipe protects even the worst bakers from failure," swears Willis.

Get the recipe: Buttermilk Angel Biscuits

Don't forget to decorate. Here, we show you how to set the scene for an Easter egg hunt.

Spiced Sweet Potatoes

Virginia bypasses the marshmallows and instead roasts sweet potatoes with sugar, allspice, and fennel seeds.

Get the recipe: Spiced Sweet Potatoes

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Turbinado Shortcakes

To intensify the natural sweetness of strawberries, Willis macerates the fruit in orange juice and a tiny bit of sugar before assembling her dessert.

Get the recipe: Turbinado Shortcakes with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

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