Is This the New Turducken?

For the past few years, Turducken hasn't really had any competition when it comes to quirky turkey alternatives. The Franken- duck-turkey-chicken-sewn together and puttied with stuffing, was invented in 1980 by famed New Orleans chef (and Dom DeLuise lookalike ) Paul Prudhomme. It was a mythological figure to those outside of Louisiana until the advent of the internet. These days, everyone's heard of the artery clogging speciality, even if they haven't tried it.

Time for a new Thanksgiving dinner oddity . Ladies and a few gents: the turkey-shaped turkey breast is here. Developed by the mad deli scientists at GreenRidge Farms , this ball of meat takes its cue from the McRib. It's entirely boneless, even though it doesn't appear that way. It's a turkey breast molded to look like an entire turkey , wings and all.

For those health nuts hoping to avoid being wooed by delicious dark meat, the turkey-shaped turkey breast is a psychological masterpiece. What's in it? Turkey and a few polyphosphates for "forming" the edible sculpture.

If you're planning on making a two-meat Thanksgiving table, you don't have to look very far for your second dish.

Anybody have a crabapple for its mouth?Anybody have a crabapple for its mouth?A blogger at The Consumerist spotted the "mini-piglet" at CostCo, by the same company that makes the turkey breast. Warning: this pork loin won't remind you of your last Thanksgiving dinner , but of your last trip to the side-show tent to look at all those things floating in jars.

Yup, it's a pork loin molded in the shape of a tiny piglet. [Leave your gag-sounds here]. Who want's the head?


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