Unique Ways to Dine

Going out to eat is always a good time, but if you are looking to take your nights out to a new level, here are three unique dining experiences worth trying:

Dark DiningDining in the Dark

Dana Salisbury created Dark Dining Projects after she ate an orange with her eyes closed and realized that when you can't see, your other senses are heightened and it makes food taste that much more delicious. Today she throws private dark dining parties for groups of all sizes. In dark dining, diners are blindfolded before entering the dining room and then served four courses paired with wine. The blindfold is removed after the diners leave the room, so they never actually see the space they are dining in. We visited Camaje Bistro in lower Manhattan where we were able to try it out ourselves. Chef Abigail Hitchcock explained her method for creating a menu for "blind" diners and how smell and texture are that much more important. She prepared a crusted salmon dish over a bed of kale, and it was a lot of fun guessing what we were eating.

Conveyor Belt SushiConveyor Belt Sushi

If you enjoy tapas style dining where you can try small portions of many different things on a menu, then you might enjoy conveyor belt sushi. In this dining experience, the chef puts small portions of different sushi dishes on covered plates and then places them on a conveyor belt that runs throughout the room. Diners can serve themselves from the conveyor belt, knowing the price of each dish by the color of the plate. We visited East Sushi in Manhattan to give this a try.

Ninja DiningNinja Dining

Ninja New York makes you feel as though you have traveled to a ninja village in Japan. You walk in and take an elevator down to the main dining floor that is designed after a Ninja village that actually existed near Osaka, Japan. Ninjas jump out and scare customers as they walk through the village to be seated. Then you get to meet your very own ninja server. Most of the dishes that are served at Ninja New York are accompanied by a cool trick done by your ninja server. Dishes are lit on fire, dry ice pours out of the glassware, and you never know when a ninja will pop out of a hidden door or window. We loved when our ninja turned a metal throwing star into a tasty chocolate mousse dessert.

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