User post: A Tribute To Mikey Gone Too Soon Peanut Butter Pie

Frozen Peanut Butter Cheese Pie Recipe Revised

In Memory and Tribute to Mikey @InJenniesKitchen
I originally made this recipe for my son's birthday, but after this tragic untimely death, I made this again today, for a sad tragic reason, a grieving wife's request. That request was to make Mikey's favorite pie and share it with the one you love... This one's for you Mikey, so sorry Jennie for your loss. Bless you all during this difficult time.. I am sharing with my family in his memory with tears and heartfelt sympathy. Her original recipe is on her site click above link. He was a father of two small little girls, a husband gone too soon from a massive heart attack, RIP Mikey, this one's for you.

Here is a list that went around the Cyber world in his memory, hundreds of post:
Peanut Butter Pies For Mikey