Video: 25,000 Big Macs and other twisted forms of extreme eating

by Sarah Fuss, Shine Staff

When the obsession is deep enough, it's not considered overeating. No, it's just a spectacle. Don Gorske, the Guinness-record holder for Big Mac intake, organizes and keeps every container and receipt from every Big Mac he's ever eaten. See, it's not a problem, it's just bookkeeping. This week Don ate his 25,000th Big Mac. We salute him and extreme eaters everywhere. We don't understand you, but you intrigue us very much.

There's something hypnotic about watching another human eat a plain stick of butter, in this case multiple sticks. Note that this man is married to someone.

Kobayashi, the great hot dog eating champion, takes on a worthy opponent. A bear. For real.

For some people, ladies' night means one thing. Habenero eating contest. Milk, yogurt, and bread are allowed. Still made us realize our nights out are tamer than we had thought.

Sonya Thomas, the lovely lady of eating championships, kicks the butt of famous food athlete, Joey Chestnut. Wings baby!

Aren't you kind of dying to know more about the women of competitive eating?

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