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What we learned this month: y'all are romantics. When we asked for your sexiest dish and your most romance-ready recipes, we swooned at your heartfelt answers. Doug S wrote, "It's not the food, it's the circumstances in which the food is served and eaten," before telling the sweetest story about being laid-off, broke, and having a night so romantic--drinking margaritas with his wife at a Mexican chain restaurant-- that it still burns bright in his memory some thirty years later. When you're in love, Katie pointed out, "scrambled eggs with leftover green beans can be just as romantic as a 5 star restaurant." And we have to agree: a humble meal can set into relief just how gaga you are for each other. Sometimes it's the parking lot picnics that stand the romantic test of time.

But others of you want the kind of decadent, lazy romance we can understand: "Well, it's breakfast in bed of course," wrote Just a Normal Woman. "Warm baked French Toast, buttery syrup, some beautiful strawberries, aromatic coffee with a little bit of cream. Followed by a nice long lie in." Sounds like a perfect Saturday to us.

The submissions for this month's Shine Supper Club are worth cooking for someone you love. Some are special occasion rich, some are spicy, and some spare no chocolate, but they're all a pretty good start to showing someone you care. The rest of the romance we'll leave up to you.

We narrowed the entries down to these eight finalists based in part by their popularity on our Supper Club Pinterest board. Check out all the entries here.

Update: The poll is now closed and the chocolate cake by Serena Bakes Simply from Scratch wins by a hair!

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