Wacky New Tools for Grilling

Sur La Table Grill ClipsAccording to Weber's 23rd GrillWatch Survey, 71 percent of you will be firing up your backyard grill next Monday for Memorial Day. And you're most likely to be cooking the old standbys: hamburgers, chicken, and steak. But if the folks who manufacture grilling equipment have anything to say about it, you'll be grilling up a whole lot more. This year we've seen tools specifically designed for grilling meatballs, meat loaf, quesadillas, chicken legs standing up, and even s'mores. While we had a lot of fun testing all of them, three of them struck us as particularly worthy of room in the storage area under your grill.

Grilled asparagus are delicious. But don't you hate it when they fall between the bars on the grate? With the 6-inch long Sur La Table Stainless Grill Clips ($14.95 for four), you can clamp several together so they're easy to flip over and don't slip beneath the grill surface. We also like them for green onions, carrots, and strips of zucchini.

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Charcoal Companion Stuff-A-Burger PressIf you live in Minneapolis, it's easy to get your Juicy Lucy fix at a local establishment. For the rest of us there's the Charcoal Companion Stuff-A-Burger Press ($12.99) - a gadget specifically designed to form a massive hamburger with a center of molten cheese. While Cheddar cheese is traditional in Minnesota, we pressed up some great blue-cheese stuffed burgers. You could even fill yours' with onions, mushrooms, or spinach. But the press will never yield a low-cal or low-fat treat - for best results, you need to use ¾ pound of ground meat.

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Chef'nFor cute little hamburgers, there's the cute little Chef'n Slider Burger Press ($7.95). It stamps out perfect 2 ½-ounce sliders, great for little kids or appetizer portions for adults.

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-By Sharon Franke

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