We searched and found: The best frozen crab cakes

Angelina's crab cakes.Angelina's crab cakes.We tend to get really crabby when the crab cake we ordered with great gustatory anticipation turns out to be mostly breadcrumb filler and tasteless stringy crabmeat. So Daily Grommet went on the prowl and located the most spectacular crab cakes of all-Angelina's of Maryland award-winning crab cakes.

Angelina TadduniAngelina Tadduni It's a pretty well-kept secret that most crabmeat in this country comes from Asia, EXCEPT the true blue lump crabmeat from the Chesapeake Bay where Angelina Tadduni (pictured at right) once owned a popular Italian restaurant with her husband for many years. Though the couple passed on, and the restaurant is no longer, Angelina's famous mouthwatering lump crab cakes can be yours for the asking.

Angelina's PartnersAngelina's Partners New owners DJ, Chad, and Joseph do a booming mail order business year round-with just these succulent cakes-that we think any father, grandfather, uncle or husband would love to receive as a father's day gift. The timing couldn't be better either, June is the height of crab season in the Bay. Dig in!

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