What the Thanksgiving cook nibbled

When it comes to Thanksgiving calorie consumption, our bet is that the cook takes the cake. Realizing we are partly to blame-afterall, we did rank "Not Tasting as You Go Along" number one on our list of Most Common Cooking Mistakes-we give you this fun calorie count to show just how quickly a nibble here and a sip there can add up.

10:00 AM

Stack the cake layers and mix the frosting. Lick spatula...
75 Calories

10:30 AM
Brown bacon for gratin. You're working hard-you deserve a slice...
42 Calories

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11:00 AM
Toast bread cubes for stuffing. Need to keep energy up, so take opportunity to carbo-load...
15 Calories

11:35 AM
Whip heavy cream for pumpkin pie. Wonder if it's sweet enough? Good cooks taste as they go...
26 Calories

11:35 AM
Maybe a shot of Grand Marnier would liven up the cream. Better have a sip to see...
38 Calories

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11:40 AM
Feel sudden burst of inspiration! Add dried cranberries to this year's stuffing. Sample a handful...
25 Calories

12:00 PM
Set out cheese plate for early arrivals. Munch as distant cousin provides update on impossibly perfect children. Try not to roll eyes...
57 Calories

12:05 PM
Return to kitchen. Down dregs of first glass of wine. Immediately pour another...
125 Calories

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12:15 PM
The warm crunch of perfectly toasted pecans is impossible to resist...five times...
49 Calories

12:30 PM
Pull beautiful bird from the oven. Before tenting with foil and letting meat rest, pry off juicy chunk of thigh meat (with skin, of course) when no one is looking...
48 Calories

1:00 PM
While blanching green beans, realize you're probably short on the day's recommeded vegetable servings...
9 Calories

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1:10 PM
As you prep topping for sweet potato casserole, 6 mini marshmallows "accidentally fall on the floor..."
13 Calories

1:15 PM
The roasted Brussels sprouts are done. Still short on veggies...
15 Calories

1:20 PM
Drop heated rolls into bread basket. One didn't turn out pretty. There's only one way to get rid of it...
106 Calories

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1:28 PM
One last swig from the wineglass...
106 Calories

1:30 PM
And everything is ready...
768 Total Calories

Now on to the meal...

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