What's Really in Your Cone?

Photo by Zach DeSartPhoto by Zach DeSartBy Mary-Frances Heck, Bon Appétit

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between all of summer's scoopable delights? It's time to get to know what's in your cone. Here's the scoop, from left to right.

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Sorbet and Granita
These cool, dairy-free treats refresh the palate. They can be made from fruit and vegetable purées, juices, wine, or infusions like tea.

Sherbet and Ice Milk
Lighter than ice cream, these contain less dairy but still have a creamy texture. Lower fat content means brighter flavors.

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Ice Cream
Often starts out as an egg-based custard. It's the creamiest of all frozen desserts, containing at least 10% milk fat by law in the U.S.

And now you know.

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