What's Your Sun Sign's Favorite Fruit?

What's Your Sun Sign's Favorite Fruit?

If you're looking for ways to feel healthier and grow into a better person -- and really, who among us isn't? -- your Sun sign can recommend specific fruits as therapeutic remedies. Whether you're a juice-loving Sagittarius or a mango-munching Leo, the stars have something useful to say about what you should eat or drink to be at your best!

There's a reason why you sometimes choose to withdraw into your private space with comfort food -- say, a pint of strawberry ice cream -- to help calm your nerves after a trying day. Indeed, fruit, or even fruit-flavored foods, can be a powerful tool to soothe your soul ... if used correctly and with intention.

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Here's a quick look at each Sun sign's favorite fruit:

Aries: cantaloupe

Taurus: strawberries

Gemini: grapes

Cancer: pineapple

Leo: mango

Virgo: mixed fruit salad

Libra: oranges

Scorpio: apples

Sagittarius: pineapple juice

Capricorn: lychees

Aquarius: blueberries (over cottage cheese)

Pisces: raspberries

So, the next time you need to heal your soul, use your Sun sign's suggested fruit to help you turn the page toward a healthier emotional reality. Mindfully use these ingredients as a way to inspire yourself and awaken your senses. Chew and relish every bite, slowly, and do so with intention as you deliberately think positive thoughts.

If you follow these suggestions, your soul will be reawakened -- and you will become stronger!

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