What's your signature coffee order?

photo credit: getty imagesphoto credit: getty imagesI was catching up on my blog reads and was amused with this post over at Red Velvet Art (RVA). One of the RVA gals has a boyfriend who works at a Starbucks in Hollywood, Calif. And he dished on recent orders from a few celebrities who are regulars at this location.

During one week, actor Adrian Brody bought "oatmeal, yogurt, and a Naked Juice." Renee Zellweger's order was an extra detailed one--a "triple grande, non-fat, extra hot, no foam, latte." (Can you see the baristas rolling their eyes?)

When I visit Starbucks, I usually order a tall non-fat latte or a grande Chai, no water, non-fat latte (try it...it tastes much better without the water). At my local independent coffee shops, I always get a small non-fat latte.

What about you? What's your signature coffee drink?