Whipped cream...and other sweets that will get you drunk

Whipped cream cocktail, anyone? (image via slashfood.com)Whipped cream cocktail, anyone? (image via slashfood.com)

Miracle Whip? Maybe to some. Canisters of Cream is a sundae topping that will get you hammered. After energy-drink-slash-anesthesia Four Loko was pulled from shelves, regulators are now targeting this 30-proof whipped cream, fearing for a youth-oriented market. So far the stuff has mostly surfaced in Massachusetts liquor stores.

But for the over-21 set with a child-like whimsy, there's a 40-proof chocolate milk on the market that blends vodka with a childhood standard. The makers intend to introduce other flavors like orange cream and fruit punch as well. (I'm pretty sure the Hawaiian Fruit Punch mascot knew about that recipe back in the '80s.)

Pair it all with two scoops of Blend's Liquor Ice Cream. Available in four flavors-- Grasshopper, Brandy Alexander, Pink Squirrel and Whiskey and Cream--the dessert is infused with 20-percent liquor for the kind of ice cream headache that lasts all morning.

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