Wine with your dinner: How to find the best of the bargain brands

A glass of wine every night is good for you! Heart-healthy, full of vitamins and tannins and all sorts of things that make your brain nice and squeaky and your lungs full of air. Also, it is the very best way to relax after a day out in the world, doing worldly things while being forced to wear pants. The problem is that one bottle of wine contains many, many glasses. You can throw yourself on the grenade and finish it all yourself--you are so brave--or you could stock up on cheaper wine so that you don't feel guilty if you don't finish the bottle over the course of a few days, when wine, no matter how you cork it, starts to turn.

The problem with that solution: have you ever tried cheap wine? Some cheap wines, you wouldn't even want to cook with. The Kitchn, however, has got an excellent guide to the major, budget-priced brands that you find every where, and their very best varieties. They're the big guys, so you'll find them in just about any liquor-having establishment you hit up, and they're priced exactly right.

More reasons why wine is healthy for moderation, of course.

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