Wood You Want a Rustic Wood Wedding Cake?

media-cache-ak3.pinimg.comA rustic wedding is the perfect opportunity to downplay the sweets - it's all about looking natural and country chic. If you want something complementary to the theme of your wedding but guaranteed to make guests take a second look at your cake, try incorporating textures and patterns that mimic nature, like tree bark or wood grain.

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So nature-loving couples everywhere, we now introduce to you a surprisingly shocking wedding fad: bark-inspired wedding cakes. The "wood" cake - that appears to have the swirled brown texture of a tree - beautifully complements any outdoorsy couple who desire to throw a rustic-themed wedding. Wedding cake crafters carefully paint the specific bark texture onto the cake over fondant to go along perfectly with a rustic chic wedding.

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Depending on the couple, several additions to the wood cake can be made to heighten its believability, including "love bird" toppers, flowers, pine cones, branches, and even a "tree carving" of the initials of the couple.

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Like the cake pictured above, many couples also invest in a wood cake stand to complement their rustic theme, many of which are sold on Etsy. If a tree bark cake isn't quite what you're looking for, click here for 20 other rustic-themed cakes.

-Montana Marie Rispoli, The Daily Meal

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