World Series Menu: Recreate Ballpark Food at Home

Some people think baseball is boring. I think they're just not eating right. Peanuts. Cracker Jack. Those ice cream sundaes served in miniature batting helmets. And while I'd love to enjoy these concession stand delicacies at the stadium, I'm told it's hard to get tickets to a late-October baseball game. So it looks like I'll be making this World Series opener a true home game.

-Barrett Baffert

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For all of you rookies, here's the essential ballpark food lineup:
* Cracker Jacks
* Nachos
* A hot dog (or two)
* A beer (or, um, two)
* Peanuts
* An ice cream sundae

(It's a lot. But what do you expect from a guy whose favorite player growing up was named Chili Davis?)

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To recreate this experience at home, let's lead off with some Caramel-Almond Popcorn. That'll last a few innings until the Turkey Chilaquiles (think nachos, only better) step up to the plate. Then we're into the heart of the order with some Beer-Braised Hot Dogs with Braised Sauerkraut. Maybe follow that up with some Cheddar Dogs with Cider-Braised Leeks and Apples. And if we're looking for middle relief, some American IPAs should get us through an inning or two.

So what's left, peanuts and the sundae? Time to bring in a switch hitter: Hot-Tin-Roof Sundae with Chili-Lime Peanuts. Delicious, whether or not it's served in a miniature batting helmet. Now there's just one more thing to be settled (besides the Series, of course). The kitchen's a mess, who's batting cleanup?

World Series Menu

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