World's fanciest doughnut sparks protest. Obviously.

The Foie Gras donut (photo via Foie Gras donut (photo via's like a jelly doughnut only with goose liver. Admittedly the $11 Foie Gras doughnut, served at Brooklyn's Do or Dine restaurant, isn't for everyone. But to lovers of the pricey appetizer, the dessert version is simply "heavenly." (Or so says one Twitterer.)

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Dusted with powder and encased in a buttery, fried dough, the innards of the doughnut pop with a mixture of raspberry preserves and the salty, slightly gamey goose spread.

It's the kind of combo that could make a fancy foodie or an animal rights activist cry, but for different reasons. The process of making Foie Gras generally involves extreme overfeeding of a duck to create an engorged liver proper for the dish. It's not considered the most humane way to process meat and has even led to a brief ban in Chicago. In many ways the delicacy serves as the battleground between culinary purists and animal activists.

And now the Foie Gras doughnut, the very definition of kingly indulgence, is the latest match. Vegan blogger Annie Hart started a petition demanding Do or Dine stop serving the doughnut. "Birds should not have to suffer for donuts." So far it's gotten over 700 signatures. But Foie Gras lovers aren't giving up so fast. An anonymous doughnut fan created a counter-petition to keep the dessert around stating, "It would be cruel to stop making them several times a day before I have a chance to come and try them."

What do you think about the duck liver doughnut: delicious, cruel or vomit-burp inducing?

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