New York City's Wildest Food Trucks

These days everyone is on the go, so in an effort to keep up with their customers, restaurants are becoming more and more mobile as well. New York City is home to thousands of unique food trucks, but there were three that really caught our attention.

Pulled pork waffle with a coolickle

Wafels and Dinges

At first glance this truck may appear to be a normal Belgian waffle vendor, but as soon as you take a closer look at their menu, you will be blown away. They have a huge variety of "dinges", or toppings, to choose from, as well as two different types of waffle bases. Still doesn't sound too crazy? Well wait until you hear about the dish we ordered - a pulled pork waffle with a Kool-Aid infused pickle. Wacky as it may sound, it was DELICIOUS and the coolickle (as they call it) was out of this world and something you can try at home.

The Godzilla

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

The name of this truck isn't the only quirky thing about this ice cream vendor. With a base flavor of only chocolate or vanilla, it doesn't sound like anything too crazy… until you hear about their toppings. We were so curious about their creative flavor combinations that we had to order two cones: The Godzilla and The Salty Pimp. The Godzilla is a vanilla ice cream cone coated in crushed wasabi peas and we found that the cool, creamy vanilla really toned down the heat of the wasabi to make it a really delicious flavor and texture combination. The Salty Pimp is a vanilla ice cream cone injected with dolce de leche, sprinkled with salt, and then dipped in chocolate. Yum!

The Loosey Goosey

666 Burger

This truck is the new kid on the block, but having only debuted this summer, they are already making quite a name for themselves. 666 Burger is a fairly non-descript black truck with red lights underneath it and (at times) blasting heavy metal music. They only come out at night, catering to a young, concert-going crowd, and are equipped with a staff of tattooed men cooking some incredible burgers. Why the devil theme? Well, because they say that their burgers are so delicious that if they don't serve them in heaven, they'd rather go to hell. We tried two of their burgers: The Loosey Goosey and The Satan Burger. The Loosey Goosey is a burger, cooked medium-rare, with a glob of cheese in the center so when you bite into it, the perfectly melted cheese oozes out. The Satan burger is a similar concept but instead of cheese has a glob of butter cooked into the burger. This one tasted like a perfectly cooked, buttered steak. And we can't forget what they call, "The Douche Burger" which costs a whopping $666.00 and is piled with caviar, foie gras, gold, truffle oil, champagne, and a bunch of other "rich people stuff". Oh yeah, and it is wrapped in 3 $100.00 bills.

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