The End of the World is Three Weeks From Now

Or so the Apocalypse now folks tells us.

Skynet day when the computer in the Terminator movie nuked the world has come and gone. Now is the time, we are told for the second coming. So get saved or suffer the consequences….

The End of the Joke is Near: 5.21.11 or 5-21-11 or 5/21/11 or May 21 2011

By poetryman69

Some of the people who are convinced that the time of the second coming is May 21, 2011 are starting to drive around in caravans, eat at waffle houses and claim to everyone who will listen that we can know the date and the hour. Well, I guess everyone has to believe in something.

By the way Janet of Homeland Security, back away from the donuts and ponder. If your are quite finished with trying to make us believe that the neighbor next to us is a terrorist because of the menacing way he is clipping his toe nails and if you are quite done letting into the country real terrorists from Saudi Arabia and violent drug thugs from Mexico, you might want to think about these apocalyptic dudes.

Their leaders have promised them an end to all their earthly cares on a date certain. Suppose this doomsday cult wakes up on May 22, 2011? That would be first of many shocks to them. And further suppose that nothing had changed. No 10.0 on the Richter earthquakes, nobody snatched up to heaven and no second coming.

In fact, what if they find something has changed. Their leaders, the people they gave all their money and worldly possessions to have disappeared but not into the heavens but rather to a South American country with which the United States has no extradition treaty. Why these newly awakened cult members might be angry enough at having been fooled to do something unpleasant…

And matters could be worse. Suppose the cult leaders wanted to make sure none of the members woke up to watch them steal. Out comes the kool-aid…


On 5/21/11 The End is Near, Again.

Some folks say you'd best be born again by 21 May 2011 or it will be too late. The Messiah is coming back they say and you'll find out too late when that world-wide earthquake hits.

At least one seer says you only have to hang on until November because the end of the world stops ending the world on Oct 21, 2011.

Apparently this particular end of the world, doomsday rant stems from one fundamentalist preacher in Oakland California. Anybody who has ever lived in Oakland is quite certain the world will end any minute. It is the armpit of the universe.

So if you are of a conspiratorial mind, and if you fancy and Apocalypse, Now, or if you are just curious or terminally cautions: Save the Date! 5.21.2011

The same Bible that this particular group of prognosticators is using to predict that the end of life as we know it is here, also says that no man shall know the date and the time of the Messiah's return. I'm banking on 21 Dec 2012 myself because it gives me more time to party before I have to repent!!!


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