Simple ideas to keep pests away with black pepper

Not just for food!

Did you know that this common kitchen staple can be a great tool for keeping pests away and out of your home? Black pepper is great for food, but it also does a great job with helping out around the house. Black pepper is an inexpensive alternative to ant repellent, and can help to keep other pests out of your home and yard. Here are some ideas of how this ordinary kitchen staple can help keep those annoying pests away.

Keep ants away

Walking into the kitchen for my morning coffee isn't all that pleasant when I see a line of ants crawling on my floor and counter tops. Instead of spraying them with an expensive ant repellent, I just use black pepper.

Just sprinkle some black pepper wherever you see the ants, and they will steer clear of it because they don't like it. I sprinkle a little on my counter tops and along the baseboards in my kitchen at night. In the morning, I just sweep and wipe up the black pepper. This works because I haven't seen them since.

Keep cats out of houseplants

I used to have trouble keeping my cats out of my houseplants. I wouldn't dream of giving up my furry companions, but I also wanted to keep my houseplants. That's when I learned this great trick to keep them out of the plants that eliminated the need for sprays that might harm my cats.

Just get your pepper shaker from the dining room table and sprinkle some onto the soil of all your houseplants. The cats hate the black pepper and won't go near the plants. This way you can keep your plants and your cats safe.

Keep animals away from your yard and garbage

I tried many things to try to keep stray cats, dogs, raccoons, squirrels, and many other animals away from my yard plants, but nothing seemed to work. I wasn't about to spend a lot of money on expensive sprays and gadgets to keep them out. So you can imagine my delight when I learned this easy, cheap way to keep them out.

Just get some ordinary black pepper and sprinkle a generous amount in the soil around your yard plants. They don't like the black pepper so they will stay away. You can also sprinkle some black pepper around your outside garbage cans to keep animals out. No more running out in the morning to pick up the tipped over garbage can, you can have your coffee in peace.

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Sources: Personal experience