10 Beauty Tips from the Women Men Love Most

You might have the perfect date-night do, but even the savviest beauty junkie can learn a thing or two from these sought-after sirens.

Dry Spells

Erin Andrews

"I couldn't survive without dry shampoo," claims ESPN's Erin Andrews. "Before I go on camera, it gives me that Marisa Miller-vibe that I'm always striving to have!"

Curly Cues
Katrina Bowden
"Curling your lashes really makes a huge difference," explains 30 Rock star Katrina Bowden. "It opens up the eye area and makes your eyes stand out."

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Meagan Good
"One of my favorite beauty tricks is to apply a little bit of highlighter down the center of the nose-or on the sides to contour it," says Californication and The Baytown Disco star Meagan Good. "Anytime the nose looks dewy, it brings all the light to the middle of your face and helps enhance every feature."

Smoke Signals
Alison Haislip
"I never put eyeliner under my eye," warns The Voice correspondent and former video-game queen, Alison Haislip. "I line the waterline, then use a blending brush to smudge the line together with the shadow. It makes for the perfect smoky eye."

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Getting Lippy
Vanessa Minillo
"After I apply my lipstick, I put my index finger in my mouth and pull it out," Vanessa Minnillo explains. "It cleans the area of loose pigments, ensuring that I don't get any embarrassing red marks on my teeth. If you try this, just remember to wash your hands when you're done!"

Healthy Strands

Katrina Bowden
"I use Moroccanoil products religiously," adds Bowden. "They've improved the condition of my hair and treated any dryness so that my strands are bouncy and healthy again."

Eye Spy
Meagan Good
"Every girl should use cream eyeliner and a slanted brush to apply eye makeup," notes Good. "You get more control when drawing on the line, because powder eyeliners don't show up well, and strictly liquid eyeliners can be very messy."

Put A Lid On It

Alison Haislip
"It might be an old wive's tale, but I put a thin coat of Vaseline on my eye lashes before I go to bed at night," Haislip adds. "When I wake up, my lashes look thick and healthy, and I constantly get compliments on them!"

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Pout Protector
Erin Andrews
"My lips are chapped from all the traveling I do for games," says Andrews, who is also a correspondent for Good Morning America. "So using a good lip scrub is essential for me every single day."

Baby Talk

Vanessa Minillo Vanessa Minillo
"When I'm feeling extra dry, I apply baby oil all over in the shower, right when I finish," Minnillo explains. "Then, I pat my skin dry when I get out. It's like a drink for thirsty skin."

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