5 of the Worst Celebrity Beauty Blunders of All Time

christina aguilera self tannerEver gone all morning with lipstick on your teeth, or attended a wedding with orange, self-tanned palms? Or maybe you've accidentally dyed your hair a shade of garbage, or used Nair where you shouldn't have and ended up with two giant blisters on the sides of your upper lip. At one point or another, most of us have experienced an embarrassing beauty blunder. But! We're not alone. Celebrities suffer from the same affliction -- it's just that when they make a mistake, it's immortalized on the Internet forever. I mean, the worst consequence we face after a makeup disaster is a morning spent untagging a million Facebook photos.

I know these stars are probably mortified by their beauty bloopers, but they make us regular old Josephinas feel better about ourselves because, somewhere along the way, we, too, have been there, done that. So these 5 stars should take comfort in the fact that women everywhere tooootally know how they feel.

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Take Christina Aguilera, above. She sang "At Last" at Etta James' funeral back in late January and it might have been the first time in history when people were more blown away by her legs than her voice. Streaking down the inside of her stems was some dark orange self-tanner, and boy, was it distracting.

Then there's Nicole Kidman. She apparently got into a fight with a powder puff before her Nine premiere, and the powder puff won. I mean, it must have really beaten the crap out of her -- it's in her hair and everything.

And could somebody please fill me in on what's happening with Kelly Osborne's hair? It's not grayish purplish on purpose, is it?

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Naturally, or rather completely unnaturally, Lindsay Lohan takes beauty blunders to the next level with this terrible synthetic wig, yellowish foundation, bronze eyeshadow, and a pale, overstuffed lip.

Here, Britney Spears shows us the dangers of hair extensions. Many of us have tried extensions once or twice and know that if they're not properly maintained or styled, things can get ugly. And bumpy. And oddly spaced. And ... just ... no.

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What has been your biggest beauty blunder?

Written by Lindsay Mannering for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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