DIY Facial Mask for All Skin Types

Dr. Drew's Lifechanger and DIY Beauty Expert Louisa Maccan-Graves' facial mask addresses pigmentation spots, sun damage, wrinkles, acne and blemishes!

It's loaded with skin healing enzymes and natures natural Retin A. Even those with rosacea or sensitive skin can use it safely.

You would normally pay $65 for a similar mask at a famous Beverly Hills Salon, but we have the recipe to brighten and age-proof your skin you right here. Louisa's facial mask costs under $3… Because all you need is a ripe papaya!




Cut a slice of ripe Hawaiian or Mexican papaya. Remove the pulp and seeds


Rub the inside peel of the papaya slice onto face, hands and neck. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with tepid water. Your skin will feel beautiful and healthy!

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Eat the papaya pulp after removing! It's loaded with healthy digestive enzymes, is low in calories (just 39cal/100g), and is high in vitamin-C, which boosts your immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

DIY Bonus: Make a Healthy Air Freshener!


4 ounces of water
1 glass or plastic spray bottle
10 - 12 drops of either rosemary, lavender or peppermint essential oil

Pour water into the spray bottle. Add the essential oil drops and shake. Use this antiseptic, healthy spray in the air to reduce odors, and during cold and flu season. This is my favorite safe and economical air freshener.

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