The Ultimate List of "It Doesn't Count" Diet Excuses

"Diet starts Monday!"

That is my go-to excuse when I'm nabbing a second cupcake or polishing off a bag of Doritos.

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My silly excuse may not be original, but then again, whose excuses for gorging on junk food really are? How many times have you played along when your friend tried to justify that "chocolate is actually good for you" and "wine totally helps your heart health."

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At least those have some scientific backing. Most "It doesn't count if . . ." explanations are downright ludicrous. That's why someone finally put some of them into one hysterical supercut. A few highlights from the viral video:

"It doesn't count if you're watching that bit in 'The Notebook' when it's raining," or "It doesn't count if you drink green tea afterwards," and "It doesn't count if you've just been to the gym, are going to the gym, or are just in gym clothes."

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I don't know about you, but I have used all of those lines as I've shoveled a donut into my pie hole. What's your go-to excuse for cheating on your diet?

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