• Why my sons aren't involved in sports

    Why my sons aren't involved in sports

    It never fails, every time I meet someone new and the conversation steers towards my kids, I'm always asked the same question: Are your kids involved in sports?

    And my answer is no.

    It's not that we're anti-sports around these parts -- far from it. Quite simply, the emotional, physical, and social benefits of youth sports are undeniable. So "What's our problem?", you're probably asking yourselves. Honestly, our kids aren't involved in sports because they're really not all that into it.

    But sports are good for them, you'll tell me. And I'll agree.

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    Tell me the decision shouldn't be theirs, that they don't know what's best for them, and I'll listen. Just as I always do.

    But I won't involve my kids in sports.

    Then I'll tell you that I had both kids in bowling for a while and it was a generally good time. My kids learned a lot of valuable lessons from the experience, but when the season ended they had no interest in continuing.

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  • Courtesy of Getty Images

    Courtesy of Getty Images

    Catherine Q. O'Neill, Allure magazine

    With the exception of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, Fox Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews might be the hottest woman to ever stand on the sidelines of a football game. We asked for her game day beauty tricks.

    How do you stay so fresh and polished on the field? I feel like I never see you sweat.

    Oh, then you're not looking hard enough because I'm a sweater. That's one of the reasons I'm stoked about teaming up with Degree for Women and this new antiperspirant they have with clinical protection. I do sweat and I do get nervous. There are times when I'll even have a sweat-stache on air.

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    Do you ever do anything unconventional with your deodorant?
    Oh yeah, I've used it on my chest, hands, and my feet with ballroom dancing. This is very attractive-I was sweating so much on Dancing with the Stars that my feet were sliding out of my shoes. So we had to dirty them up a little bit.

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  • Bob Carey, The Tutu Project

    Who is that hairy guy in a pink ballet skirt charging through the Giants' Metlife Stadium? The NFL announced today that it is working with The Tutu Project, the slightly wacky and completely enchanting brainchild of photographer Bob Carey and his wife Linda, who is a breast cancer survivor.

    More photos: The Tutu Project, Photographers Self-Portraits are Weapons in Wife's Breast Cancer Battle

    Linda was first diagnosed with cancer in 2003. About six months earlier, Bob had taken a self-portrait in a tutu as part of a fundraiser for the Arizona Ballet. Partly just to make Linda laugh, he started snapping more images in unexpected spots like the Grand Canyon or the middle of a field of cows. Bob tells Shine that the process of being a guy in a poofy skirt and nothing else, posing somewhere like, say, Times Square, helped him to relate to his wife's vulnerability. Linda tells Shine she's still "seven days on, seven days off. But I'm doing really well." She adds, "I don't think most

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  • It's hard to believe "A League of Their Own" came out 20 whole years ago - probably because it seems like I've watched it at least once a week since then. (I used to own it on VHS. I am old.) The film tells the story of one team in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, and one pair of sisters -- Dottie and Kit Hinson -- competing within the game they both excel at; it stars Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, and Lori Petty, and was directed by Penny Marshall (whose daughter and brother also appear in the film). The movie's coming out on Blu-Ray to mark the anniversary.

    The league had "girls" in the name, but these were grown women with serious skills (the cast trained for weeks to make their baseball playing look natural). But the AAGPBL was a product of its time: the players were required to attend a charm school, shown in the film, that instructed them in ladylike deportment. And some of the team names seem almost funny now, they're so condescending: the Milwaukee Millerettes, the Grand Rapids Chicks, and the Chicago Colleens.

    Former players plan to gather at the baseball Hall of Fame for their annual reunion this weekend, and some will even get into a game against a local team. Wish the movie a happy birthday with this gallery, and pick up a few trivia tidbits about the film and the league. - Sarah D. Bunting
    There's no crying in baseball!
    An even dozenThere's no crying in baseball!Jimmy DuganThe splits"double yuk"

  • A Rhode Island school district has banned father-daughter dances. Was it the right move, or just political correctness …

    In an effort to comply with state laws about gender discrimination, a Rhode Island school district has banned father-daughter dances and mother-son baseball games after a single mom complained that her daughter wasn't able to attend a dance.

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    The mother filed a complaint with the Rhode Island branch of the American Civil Liberties Union last May, saying that her child felt excluded from the dance because she did not have a father figure to take her. The dance was a longstanding event run by a parent-teacher organization.

    "I think when schools tell girls 'You love dances' and boys 'You love baseball games,' I think that is going too far," Rhode Island ACLU executive director Steven Brown told talk-radio station WPRO-FM. "That is the whole point of having laws and policies to say public schools should not be the business of really encouraging such blatant stereotypes about what girls like and what boys like."

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