• Adeline Dumapong-Ancheta during a break while training at the Pelaez Sports Center, Cagayan de Oro City for the …

    By Cong B. Corrales, VERA Files

    CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY—The metal plates clanked as the trainer slid two additional 25-pound weights on both ends of the Olympic bar, adding to the four 45-pound rubber weights already on it.  The powerlifter, lying on her back on the bench, carefully adjusted her hands on the bar and then took a deep breath before lifting the almost 250 pounds of weights and bar, away from her chest thrice.

    It was the last bench-press for the peak of the training program of 39-year-old Adeline Dumapong-Ancheta, who has been preparing to compete in the Paralympic Games in London to be held from Aug. 29 to Sept. 9.  Five days every week since April, trainer Marlon Tajale pushed and goaded Dumapong-Ancheta to ace her powerlifting program prepared by her coach and champion powerlifter Ramon Debuque.

    Dumapong-Ancheta and her assistant stand out amid the male bodybuilders and trainers at the massive Misamis Oriental Fitness Gym at the Pelaez Sports Center. Tajale, who has co-man

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  • When my oldest son was five years old, he quickly scanned the front page of the newspaper over morning breakfast and saw a huge photo of his then-favorite baseball player, Barry Bonds. In a suit. In a courtroom. The caption included the words "steroids" and "investigation," which led to lots of questions that my husband and I tried to answer as simply as possible -- "He's in big trouble because it looks like he took drugs that made him faster and stronger." Eyes furrowed, my son processed the information and clearly understood it was bad news for Bonds. The kid asked his final question: "But is it okay if I still like him?"

    Breakfast discussions about steroids and baseball are at an all-time high in our household. We live in Silicon Valley and between the San Francisco Giants (our favorite team) and the Oakland A's, we have enough fodder to last us the season. But now my kid is a tween with more baseball knowledge in his young life then most adults. And his opinion of baseball p

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  • Brain-Pad


    This week the Federal Trade Commission settled a case prohibiting Brain-Pad, Inc. from claiming that its adult and junior mouthguards help prevent concussion.

    Thanks for making it harder for parents to figure out how to keep their kids safe, Brain-Pad. But good news: I've got the chance to ask Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the National Football League, all your questions about youth sports safety!

    According to a press release by the FTC, Brain-Pad made their claims about the mouthguards' concussion-protecting qualities on product packaging and in Internet and print advertisements. On packaging for the Brain-Pad Pro-Plus Junior mouthguard, the defendants claimed the device "creates new brain safety space!" and "Reduces Risk of Concussions! From Lower Jaw Impacts." Similarly, packaging for the adult-size Brain-Pad Double Mouth Guard proclaims that the device, "Reduces risk of CONCUSSIONS! Protects Upper AND Lower Teeth!" The mouthguards retail for $10 to $30.

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  • By ModernMan.com Last year we dug up 12 hilarious old baseball cards that made us laugh for a variety of reasons: ridiculously named players, subtl...

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  • Ladies night and weekend getaways continue to be a way for women of all ages to bond and share memories. Given the demands on ladies from careers, families and more, it can be hard to get away.

    Team FAB is a group of 12 women who have completed 3 Ragnar Relays all across the country.

    Increasingly, many are turning to new types of lady night activities that incorporate fitness, travel and fun all in one. Take for example a Ragnar Relay Race . Ragnar Relay is the largest overnight team running event in the world. In 2012, more than 80,000 people will participate in the 15 scheduled races, each averaging about 200 miles and running over two days. Teams of twelve (and in some cases six) take turns running and then cheering on their teammates in vans.

    Ragnar Relay Series has grown from one race in Utah's Wasatch Back Valley in 2004 with a mere 200 runners to 15 races nine years later, including can't-miss runcation getaways in the Florida Keys, SoCal, and Las Vegas in November.

    Runners of all levels join this "slumber party with a bit of running" to enjoy camara

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