10 Best Bridal Beauty Tips

Give Kate Middleton a run for her money with these hair, body, and makeup tips befit for a princess bride.

Tip # 1: Play it Safe
Bride holding veil
If you're considering making a drastic change (i.e. lightening brows, changing hair color, doing an intense tan), think twice. Changing your look so significantly before such a big event can be a big mistake. Instead, aim to look like yourself-just enhanced.

Tip # 2: Add Some Va-Va-Voom
victoria secret powder
Who needs a wedding gown when you're wearing this shimmering, scented body powder, post-reception of course. We like Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Scented Body Powder, $25; victoriassecret.com.

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Tip #3: Give Your Hairstylist a Head's Up
Indian Bride

Let your hairstylist know if you're planning on using any type of hair accessory or scarf. Take cues (and recommendations) from friends who've worn similar styles.

Tip #4: Banish Bumps
Amlactin products

If you have small red bumps on the back of your arms, chances are it's not acne. Keratosis Pilaris is a very common skin condition that occurs when dead skin cells don't shed as they should. Use lotions and washes with lactic acid to help unclog pores leading up to the big day. We like Amlactin products, prices vary; amlactin.com.

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Tip # 5: Lash Out
Bride smelling flowers

Thanks to certain celebs (ahem, the Kardashians) mega-lashes are one of the most popular bridal beauty looks. If you opt to get lash extensions, use falsies, try a semi-permanent tint like Lash Dip, or even just buy a new mascara, road-test the look a few months out. Though rare, reactions to the glues and dyes can happen.

Tip # 6: Stop a Sweat Emergency
Back of brides dress
If your deodorant is not cutting it, don't panic. Since your sweat doesn't actually smell until it comes in contact with bacteria on your skin, mop up any dampness with a paper towel and dab antibacterial hand gel under your arms to squash unpleasant odors.

Tip #7: Prep Like a Pro
Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System

Celebrity facialists swear by this electric eye-enhancing serum applicator (it uses sonic motion to help ingredients absorb faster and better). Splurge on one for yourself for eye-enhancing results that will last for many anniversaries. We like Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System, $245; clarisonic.com.

Tip #8: Be Ready to Be on Full-Circle Display
Back of Bride
When prepping for beauty that spans 360 degrees, treat the skin on your chest, arms, and back like you would the skin on your face. Use glycolic washes to prevent blemishes and rich emollients to improve tone.

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Tip # 9: Take a Time-Out
Red Wine
Staring at your Blackberry and frowning at caterers will only give you wedding-day creases. In the middle of your party-planning hoopla, take a moment for yourself and unwind.

Tip #10: Have a Game Plan for Reapplications
model applying makeup

Most brides hardly have a chance to eat, let alone precisely reapply lip gloss and other makeup. Go over your touch-up strategy with your makeup artist or MOH to ensure that they're on-board with your plan.

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