8 Ways to Wear the Hottest Spring Trend

Neon. When you hear that word what's the first thing that comes to mind? Bad '80s fashion? Me too. I had written off neon as a thing of the past, along with acid washed jeans and crunchy sky-high bangs. (For more '80s fashion faux pas, click here.) But like leggings and slouchy sweaters, neon is making a huge comeback as one of spring's hottest trends.

Before you declare your hatred to the fashion gods, know this: neon is way more sophisticated than it was two decades ago. In fact, this reinvention adds a classy pop of color to any outfit (kinda like these jeans), and is refreshing after years of little black dresses, and monochromatic styles. Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to don an entire neon outfit -- I'm not that brave -- but I'm definitely going to add a hint of it into my wardrobe.

To help you embrace this brand new trend, I put together the top eight ways you can wear neon … and not look like you time warped back to 1988. Or click here for the entire list of ways to wear this spring's hottest new trend.

Then, tell me: Will you wear neon this spring? Leave your answer below.

Try neon … with a pink lip and non-matching nails

Try neon … with an armful of handmade friendship bracelets

Try neon … with Louboutin-inspired heels

Try neon … with a designer clutch

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Try neon … with a touch of nail art

Try neon … with funky tipped sunglasses and translucent hoops

Try neon … with bold tights -- and don't forget the leopard print!

Try neon … with a thick line on your lids

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