5 Spring Flowers You Can Plant Right Now

For those of you in Northern climates, don't fret! Spring is almost here. Yesterday, I noticed snowdrops peeking up in the garden and thought, you know, it's time to start planting more flowers. Without further ado, here are 5 beautiful flowers you can plant right now! These flowers aren't afraid of a little frost and most are already blooming.

Bloomin' beautiful!Bloomin' beautiful!
Hellebores are always the first sign of spring! This green variety is lovely and unusual. Plant them now for spring color!
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Bloomin' beautiful!Bloomin' beautiful!
Sweet Peas
Now is the time to plant your sweet pea seeds for summer bloom. You can plant them straight into the garden or into pots for porches and balconies.
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Bloomin' beautiful!Bloomin' beautiful!
Pansies are one of the first annuals of the season. Plant them into containers for the best look. They come in yellow, purples, blues and white. They are easily found at garden centers and groceries this time of year.
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Bloomin' beautiful!Bloomin' beautiful!
Primroses offer refreshing color for containers this time of year. They can withstand frost and cold. Pick some up at your local nursery or grocery.
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Bloomin' beautiful!Bloomin' beautiful!
These winter and early spring blooming trees and shrubs are gorgeous and old-fashioned. Camellias are a welcome dash of color for any garden this time of year.
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