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  • Photo by CN Digital Studio

    Photo by CN Digital Studio

    by Sarah Kagan, Epicurious.com

    Growing up, I always loved my mother's matzoh balls. I would watch her carefully forming them, cradling the batter gently in the palms of her hands so as not to deflate it. About two inches in diameter and as light as clouds, they disintegrated into a delicious fluffy mass in her chicken soup. They seemed to me the apotheosis of the form, and it never occurred to me to want something different.

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    Then I met my now-husband, Jason, and celebrated my first Passover with his family. His brother-in-law's matzoh balls were the polar opposite of my mother's: The size of golf balls and almost as hard, they had to be skewered with a fork while digging in with a spoon, to avoid shooting them out of your bowl and across the room. At first I was appalled. But then I began to be won over by their agreeably chewy texture and rich flavor.

    Thus I was introduced to the Battle of the Matzoh Balls. As I began to ask around, I d

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  • Source: Plan a Picnic to Celebrate Spring

    Warm Spring weather calls for alfresco dining, so it's the perfect time to bring out your favorite blanket and have a picnic. Whether it's a group affair or a romantic meal for two, a great picnic requires a gorgeous location and a tasty, convenient menu. Not sure what to pack? For our favorite picnic picks, keep reading.


    Simplicity is key, so if you plan to pack alcohol, stick to a bottle of wine, beer, or cocktails with two to three ingredients, like fruity mimosas. Add some charm to your meal with striped straws, or consider keeping your drinks in closed mason jars for a cute but practical choice.


    You can't go wrong with a delicious loaf of rustic bread. Pair it with a rich cheese, creamy herb butter, or your favorite dip. Choose appetizers that you can eat without a dish or utensils, like cheese biscuits, spicy marinated olives, or premade Greek salad bites.


    Sandwiches are an obvious choice, but skip the

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  • Roasted Leg of Lamb
    Serves 10 | Cost per Serving: $3.20
    This succulent, affordable Roasted Leg of Lamb recipe will make your meal memorable. If you can't find a 5-pound leg of lamb (they're often larger), look for a half leg.

    Roasted Leg of Lamb

    -1 boned leg of lamb, about 5 lb., rolled and tied
    - 2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced lengthwise
    -3 sprigs fresh rosemary 1/4 cup olive oil
    - 2 tablespoons lemon juice
    - Salt and pepper
    -1 cup low-sodium chicken broth


    1. Bring lamb to room temperature. Preheat oven to 450°F. Using the point of a sharp knife, make 1-inch deep incisions over surface of lamb. Fill each incision with a piece of sliced garlic and a few rosemary leaves, pushing them completely into the meat. Rub lamb all over with olive oil and lemon juice. Season generously with salt and pepper.

    2. Place lamb on a rack set inside a large roasting pan. Roast lamb, uncovered, for 15 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 350°F. Continue roasting lamb until a meat thermome

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  • Hand-painted Easter egg cookies

    With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to make something special with the tot to celebrate. When I think of Easter memories of candy, cookies, candy, a few Easter egg hunts, candy, and more cookies come to mind. Vanilla, lemon, sugar, whipped cream, and chocolate top my list of Easter goodie must-haves. We had some lovely fresh lemons, which were perfect for tossing together these wonderfully tangy cookies. And we topped them in a really special way - by hand-painting them with vanilla flavored edible paints.


    This is just about the easiest cookie recipe to put together (resulting with about 24-28 oval goodies) and inviting the kiddies to slather tangy egg-shaped cookies with edible paint is a perfect way to spend Easter together. Not up for the baking part? Simply pick up a roll of store-bought refrigerated sugar cookie dough and you're good to go.


    1/2 c room temperature butter, cut into small cubes

    1/4 c powdered sugar

    1/4 c sugar


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  • Every week, at Food52.com, we're digging up Genius Recipes -- the ones that make us rethink cooking myths, get us talking, and change the way we cook.

    Today: A deviled egg to convince the doubters -- perfect for Easter brunch, dinner, and the unending glut of dyed eggs.

    deviled egg

    - Kristen Miglore, Senior Editor, Food52.com

    Given our all-but-universal love for eggs, the deviled kind turn out to be strangely polarizing. Lukewarm feelings are not possible, only love or distrust.

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    That's not to say that it's an even split. The few (like me, before I met this recipe) are suspicious of the whole sneaky feedback system of yolk-impersonating-yolk; the cold jiggly white. We're not about to pick one up at a party, because we know there's no turning back; no "just a taste"; no hiding a tooth-marked egg in shame. A deviled egg is a commitment.

    But for the many -- the ones who see no problem with owning trays shaped like this, t

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