Beyond spring cleaning: Feng Shui your car

While we're focusing on our flower beds and on spring cleaning our homes, our cars are just sitting out there, crusty with dirt (and, for some of us, kid-related detritus). Chicago Healers practitioner Andie Pearson suggests that instead of just spring cleaning your car, you can feng shui it to reduce your stress levels while you're on the road. Here are some of her tips:

  1. Clean and clear: Before leaving on a long drive, completely clean out the vehicle. Dispose of all trash, magazines, receipts, etc. Vacuum the carpets and clean the windows to allow a clear view of your life's path. Take out the supplies you don't need (so long, winter!) and stock up on the things you do.
  2. Go with the flow: If you're prone to road rage, hang a round, faceted crystal from a blue ribbon on your rear-view mirror. This will add water energy to your car, making it easier to cope with frustrations like traffic, poorly marked roads and reckless drivers. (If you aren't able to find a crystal, use a small bottle of water instead-just make sure it's tiny and tightly sealed!)
  3. Plan everything: Plan each trip properly, so you have what you need (maps, an up-to-date navigation device, music, things for the kids to do, phone numbers, etc.). You can't control what other drivers do, but you can control what you keep in the car.
  4. Bring snacks:Plan food and snacks and have them organized in the car where they are easily reached. If possible, assign a person to be in charge of snack retrieval during road trips.
  5. Easy listening: Don't forget to bring your tunes! Re-set your radio presets if you need to, refresh your iPod, or re-stock your CDs. Singing or playing music when you're in the car helps to get rid of negative energy, so you can drive in a clean, refreshed space.
If your car lost its new-car smell long ago, refresh the air using aromatherapy (peppermint and lemongrass are energizing, lavender is soothing). Park your car facing away from your home, if possible, in order to avoid allowing sha chi, a negative energy, into your living space. And while a single item hanging from your rear-view mirror may be fine, too many can be a distraction (and a car accident doesn't help your feng shui). Stash other items and images in the glove compartment; they can still improve your energy from there.

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