Clean Out Your Closet for a Worthy Cause

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Admit it: You can list five things in your closet right now that you haven't worn in the past 365 days. Are we right? Then get purging, sister! Once a year bust out the Hefty bags and reduce your clothing clutter by at least 10 percent. Don't stop there-give your jewelry box, sunglasses collection, and stack of hats a sweep, too, and then donate your no longer needed items to one of the places below:

Gap is giving you 30% off right now if you donate old clothing in their Let it Go campaign. From now until May 29, get 30% off when you bring in a pair of pants or a blouse that you no longer wear. Find out more details at the Gap Facebook page.

The Salvation Army has more than 2,300 drop-off locations across the country where you can make a donation. Be sure to wash and dry clean all clothing first.

Give the gift of glam with This charity relies on donated special occasion dresses to ensure every girl feels over-the-top beautiful on Prom night. Don't have a dress collecting dust in your closet? You can still help by "Liking" on Facebook. Once they hit 100,000, Bluefly will donate 100 Prom dresses.

Goodwill Industries is another great place to drop off your used items. And according to the site, "The sales of your donation help fund job training programs, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities, lack education or job experience, or face employment challenges." Pretty sweet!

Or talk to your friends and family. Let's face it: The economy's been a beyotch so odds are someone in your immediate network will know a family who'd appreciate your gently worn pieces. Go the extra step by neatly folding your items and placing them in a new basket or decorative box. Everyone loves presents, right? Include a kind note and pull your gift together with a bright bow.


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