Let Aries help you spring up your space

Spring is fully upon us, and with vibrant Aries joining forces with several planets right now, now is the time to cast aside all the unnecessary baggage you've collected -- or perhaps been besieged by -- over the last several insular winter months. If you can harness the Ram's emphatic energy to relieve your home, mind and body of all that extra weight, you'll be able to confidently dive headlong into the new season!

First off, you must be willing to burn a few bridges that lead back to an outmoded way of life; after all, Aries is about welcoming new energy and releasing the old. But how do you best say goodbye to things that no longer serve you?

With every item you handle, look at it in one of three ways: Be honest about the space you have and make decisions to trash items, take care of them immediately or hand the job off along to someone you know will handle it.

1. Trash It
When in doubt, it's probably best to throw it out -- especially if it's been over a year since you've used the item.

2. Do It Now
Decide what to do with the item, then make space for it immediately.

3. Assign It
Hand the responsibility over to someone you know will get it done. Just because Aries prides itself on being first in line doesn't mean that there's any shame in asking for help!

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The most important thing you can keep in mind throughout your de-cluttering process is to separate the essential from the inessential, then get it done as soon as possible.

If you're a sentimental type holding onto childhood artwork or other keepsakes, it's time to get creative. Ideas include scanning them onto your computer's hard drive, choosing a few to frame or, if you can't bear to toss any out, simply putting them in a scrapbook.

Also, learn how to sensibly pack items you'll be keeping in a way that won't feel burdensome. Unsorted messes left in boxes are nearly as stressful to have around as messy piles languishing in a corner of a room.

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For everything you'll be jettisoning, you may even want to consider having a spring garage sale. Why not try to turn your castoff items into a little cash?

Going through your stuff isn't physically or emotionally easy, and collecting clutter can turn into a bad habit that takes effort to combat. Right now, you might need a kick-start to get the job going, and with Aries's cosmic mega-wattage nipping at our heels, there's no better time to make your home a true reflection of what you value.

Just keep the ultimate payoff in mind as you slog through your "weight-loss" process: Not only will your space look great, but you'll feel lighter yourself!

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