Your car made healthy

IstockphotoIstockphotoBy Susan Hall

Having a comfy car is a priority (second only, of course, to staying safe) if, like the average American woman, you spend an hour or more a day behind the wheel.

Here, the latest road-tested must-haves to make your time in the car safer and less stressful. How safe is your car?

Use your head(set)
Fiddling with your phone can jack up your accident risk by 300%. If you must call while moving, have your cell phone hooked up to a Bluetooth-compatible headset.

Our pick: the Jawbone Icon ($99.99), which has noise-canceling technology and works with most newer model phones that allow you to automatically dial a number by saying the person's name.

Bonus for screeners: A voice (you choose) whispers the caller IDs. Your emergency car kit

Make a clean sweep
A recent study found that most cars harbor nearly 300 types of bacteria in just one square inch-some of which contribute to funky smells.

Clean all surfaces, especially smudges on your windshield that can wreck visibility, with glass cleaner every time you fill up.

Leather seats can be de-germed with compostable wipes.

To freshen up the scent, try a natural deodorizer. Just plug one into your lighter port, and voilà-happier air.

Can clutter
A messy car can drive up stress, says Julie Morgenstern, author of When Organizing Isn't Enough, Shed Your Stuff, Change Your Life.

Toss wrappers and receipts into a cute fabric tote. Line it with a small trash bag, and fit it over your seat back. Road trip! How to eat healthy anywhere

Check ratings
If you're car shopping, safety ratings deserve more than a quick glance. offers a search tool to find out which new and used cars will protect you best in a crash (thanks to features like side and rear air bags).

Stay on course
A GPS doesn't just keep you from taking your eyes off the road to fuss with maps-it may even save your relationship.

A recent poll found that 55% of couples' car squabbles are the result of getting lost. Just be sure you key in your destination before you hit the road. Road trip essentials

Perk up
A little caffeine can help you drive safer by making you less drowsy, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

If tea is more your thing, try the Aladdin Essential Infuser ($19); it steeps leaves while you drive.

Captivate the kids
Nothing is more distracting or dangerous than looking behind you to play referee, but kids often act up most when they know you're not paying attention.

Make sure they have things to play with in the car-like a portable Etch A Sketch or an electronic handheld game.