Get Your Gold On

Get gilt to the hilt with these heavy-metal contenders.
Submerged Treasure Ring

This shiny gold doubloon of a ring backs up your "I was raised by pirates" schtick.

Available at, $38.

23 Rock-Solid Engagement Rings

Leather Stash Sack

Ain't nothing but a gold digger? Then you'll feel right at home excavating personals from this pouch.

Available at, $30.

Dolce & Gabbana Shine Lipstick

Up your smooch factor with semisheer lipsticks that add a touch of shine to your pucker.

Available at, $30.

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Butter London Nail Polish

Butter's West End Wonderland glitter polish is jazz hands in a bottle.

Available at, $14.

48 Nail Polishes for Mani Maniacs

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