Keds to launch full apparel collection

Keds are even more classic than you think. Nearly 100 years ago in 1916, Keds created "the Champion" a canvas shoe with a soft rubber sole so quiet you could sneaker around silently, hence the term sneakers! The simple shape and light-weight, comfortable design has come in and out of mainstream popularity over the years, but we still love Keds and consider the sneakers a timeless footwear staple.

There was a brief Keds clothing line in the late 1980s to early 1990s that we loved, so we are psyched to hear that a new Keds clothing collection-for men and women-is set to launch in early 2012. Rick Darling, President of LF USA, announced the new line this week. "An iconic American brand, we are thrilled to partner with Keds to extend its fashion influence beyond footwear," said Darling. "Synonymous with casual, everyday style, we see tremendous opportunities to build on the strong heritage and spirit of the Keds brand to bring consumers a new, differentiated apparel collection."

Generation X wore Keds with scrunched tube socks and colorful shoelaces in the 1980s along with colorful Keds sweatshirts, but this new collection will cater to Generation Y, or The Millennials. It seems that every generation enjoys Keds as children and some rediscover them again later on in life. Several Shine staffers have been wearing them around recently, and it's cool to know a new generation of kids will get to experience the classic brand as well.

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