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    If you're looking for a good workout move that will not only tone your arms, but also help sculpt and shape your shoulders for a strapless gown, then here's one you'll want to check out. The first move is for your back and shoulders. Try the others for a fantastic calorie-burning, total-body workout.

    What You'll Need
    A set of 5- to 8-pound hand weights

    Exercise 1: Front Shoulder Raise to "T" Curl Up

    -Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Hold your hand weights in front of your thighs, palms facing your body.
    -Raise the weights directly in front of you up to shoulder level, keeping your arms extended.
    -Keep your arms at shoulder level and move them back so that they're lined up with your shoulders and your body forms a "T."
    -Lower the weights down to your sides and then perform a biceps curl by bending your arms at the elbows and bringing the weights up toward your shoulders.
    -Return to the starting position.
    -Repeat for 20 repe

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  • By Augusta Falletta, Beauty High

    Spring Break

    Ladies, the countdown to spring break vacation has officially started! Now that visions of beaches and tropical drinks have taken over our free time, we're gearing up for our next vacation. Whether you're heading on a road trip with girlfriends or you've booked a flight to an island in the sun, now's the time to start thinking about getting your body beach-ready. We caught up with fitness and nutrition expert Mayling Kajiya, founder of Girl Uninterrupted, to get her best tips for spring break diet and exercise preparation. From hotel room exercises to which foods to cut from your diet, here are her expert tips for your best beach body.

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    Mayling Kajiya: I'm a big proponent of interval workouts for two reasons. First, they take less time to complete than slower paced, distance-based workouts. Second, they get the body leaner faster. In addition to lifting, do the following: sprint for 2

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  • By Stepfanie Romine, for SparkPeople

    Mind your manners, your mother reminded you at the dinner table each night. She was concerned about etiquette, but her affinity for proper decorum also created healthy habits. Good manners can help you make a good impression if you're ever invited to a state dinner, but they'll also help you with your weight-loss efforts.

    Here's how:

    Eat at the table.
    Past generations ate dinner as a family at a table every night, and, it should be noted, they were also remarkably thinner and more active.

    Many of us use our dining room table as a dumping ground for keys, coats and clutter (mea culpa) or restrict it to special occasions. Clear the junk, pull out real plates, and have a seat with your family. With no outside distractions, you can focus on eating and spending time with loved ones.

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  • Celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner has helped thousands of people get healthy and change their lives. She's starred on two reality shows on Bravo, "Work Out" and "Thintervention," and she's sharing with Jeff Probst the foods that everyone should be eating that can help you lose those pesky extra pounds.

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    In this clip from "The Jeff Probst Show," Jackie reveals the amazing secret ingredient in grapefruit, explains why cottage cheese is so important, touts the benefits of oatmeal, and more! Plus, Jackie shares exactly how much water you should be drinking every day.

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