Study says nostalgia can warm your body and soul

That warm feeling nostalgia can give you is for real. A recent study from the University of Southampton shows people actually feel warmer and have a higher tolerance for cold temperatures when recalling nostalgic memories of the past. That's good news during the cold, winter months. The study explains that while nostalgia is known to help combat psychological pains such as loneliness, there are physiological effects as well.

Here are some ways you can bring those warm, fuzzy memories back into your life and combat the bitter cold of winter.


Researchers used music to help bring back memories, finding participants felt physically warmer after listening to an old, favorite song. So the next time you hear the radio advertise the flashback weekend of music from your childhood, turn it up and relive those good-old days. You could also make a playlist of your favorite tunes and take a trip down memory lane.


Take that old box of photos out from under the bed and spend an afternoon scanning and loading them into a digital picture frame, while you remember the good times you had with the people in the pictures. Once they're in the frame, loop a slide show of some really great memories.

Talk about the past

The study shows that people have a physical response of perceived warmth when they talk about days gone by. Participants in a cold room were instructed to recall a nostalgic event from their past. After guessing the temperature of the room, those who remembered a specific event believed the room to be warmer. Share your memories with your kids. They will love hearing about the best sledding hill in your old neighborhood and about how Great Uncle Earl used to tell crazy turkey jokes on Thanksgiving.

Take a trip and revisit old haunts

If you're not too far away from where you had some really great memories, why not take a trip and see those landmarks? Hit the bowling alley you used to hang with friends at on Friday nights. Rent a pair of skates and see if you have the same moves at the old roller rink.