How to style your hair like a pin-up girl

The pin-up girl was a beautiful, scantily dressed model captured in informal artwork such as magazines, calendars, and newsprint. The pictures were meant to be 'pinned up' on lockers, bulletin boards, or just about anywhere. While the appeal of the pin-up girl probably began around the 1930s, her beauty has endured throughout the years. The pin-up girl look is becoming trendy again. While there are many variations on this look, the "Old Hollywood Style" is my favorite. Here's how you can have a pinup girl hair, too.

First, you'll need a few supplies. You'll need a large barrel curling iron, hair gel, and a firm hold hairspray. Don't forget some combs and brushes, too. Hair clips will come in very handy. You may want some bobbie pins or a flower to customize your look.

Wash and blow dry. You'll need to wash and blow dry your hair. You want it to be as frizz-free as possible, so use whatever shampoo and conditioner makes your hair soft and silky. Apply a very generous amount of gel to your hair, and blow dry. If your hair tends to frizz, let it air dry completely. Make sure you create a deep side part as you dry your hair.

Section. You'll need to work in small sections of hair, so grab your comb and hair clips. It's easiest if you divide your hair into four sections. You'll start in the back with a small section of hair.

Curl. When you curl your hair, you'll want to imitate the pattern of a finger wave. Take a small section of hair, and crimp the area close to your scalp with the curling iron. Be very careful not to burn yourself! Just close the clamp around the hair, but don't wrap it. You'll get a "U" shape in the hair. Turn the curling iron over, and do it again, right next to the first part. This time, you'll get a 'bump' in your hair. Continue with this pattern all the way down the hair shaft, until you reach the end. It should look like you crimped your hair with a giant crimping iron. Let down the next section of hair, and do it all over again. As an alternative, you could flat iron your hair so that it is smooth, except for the ends.

After you've crimped or flat ironed all your sections, you'll need to curl the ends under. Make it an exaggerated curl, so that it looks like a hair tube at the ends of your hair, all the way around. Make sure to wrap your bangs completely around the curling iron and hold. You want the bangs to be a big, round curl that sits at your hairline, kind of like a tube. You may need to pin the ends in place.

Once you finished curling your hair, decide if you want to put in a few pins or not. You can pin the sides back in a mini-twist for a polished look, or where your hair down for a more relaxed look. Or, pin back one side and wear a flower above your ear. Finish up with a coat of hair spray and your 1930's pin up girl look is finished. Add a bright red lip, a doe eye, and a military inspired jacket for the most impact on your awesome look.

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