Stylish cardigans for fall and how to wear them

If you're one for layering, cardigan fashion may be right up your alley. Whether it's V-neck, cropped, straight, crew-style, or anything in between, there is a host of stylish options for the fall season. Wearing cardigans is all about proper layering and modern color combinations that make the garment stand out against its backdrop. There is much versatility available for women looking to add cardigans to their wardrobe, as they can easily be paired with casual jeans, a dressier pair of slacks, or even a dress or skirt. If you're in need of a few tips to help you get started, check out these cardigan styles.

Cropped and Firm

Cropped cardigans are generally worn firmly around the body to show off your natural waist line. The hemlines typically end above the smallest part of your torso, drawing attention to the waist. Cropped cardigans can be worn with a pair of pants, but tend to look better when worn with a stylish skirt or dress.

Short and Draped

Shorted, draped cardigans come in a wide variety styles to suit different body types. Overall, they tend to be less structured than other cardigans, falling mid-hip, and embellished with ruffles, buttons, or a cascading fabric opening. Since shorted, draped cardigans are somewhat bulky in nature, it's best to pair them with fitted garments, such as skinny jeans or structured slacks.

Long and Draped

Opposite of the short and draped style is the long and draped cardigan. This type of sweater hits below the waistline, and may be embellished with folds, ruffles, or a cascading material opening. With less structure, the long, draped cardigan tends to appear more volumous, but can be worn with a belt to appear more structured. Wear this type of cardigan with firm-fitting pants or a dress.

Short and Tailored

Tailored cardigans tend to fit firmly against the body, and may end mid-hip. One of the best things about short and tailored cardigans is there versatility, as they can be worn with a wide variety of garments. Try a short, tailored cardigan with a pair of leggings or a full-skirt. Be sure to add contrasting colors when layering to make your outfit pop.

Long and Straight

Also known as the "boyfriend cardigan", the long and straight style tends to fall right below the hip and can make tall women appear slightly shorter. Long, straight cardigans also help to eliminate any problems around the mid-section, as the fit is often non-tailored. Pair this type of cardigan with a pair of slim-fit pants or a nice dress or skirt.


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