Eyeglasses Fit for Your Face

Lately, the letters E P Q T C V are looking a lot more like O H C R A P. Your peepers need some love - in the form of glasses. We consulted the experts at Fabulous Fanny's, an amazing vintage eye wear store in Manhattan, where - rumor has it - Lady Gaga sources her specs.

Samuel from Fabulous Fanny's says there are four rules you want to follow when picking out the perfect frames for your face.

Rule 1

1) Match the edge of the frame to your hairline.

Rule 2

2) You want your eyebrows to sit above the top of the frames. You don't want to be able to see your eyebrow in the lens.

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Rule 3

3) You want your eyes to be as close to the center of the lens as possible.

Rule 4

4) Make sure the frame doesn't rest on your cheeks.

Beyond that, whatever you find that fits and feels good is fair game!

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