Products to Keep You Cool During the Heatwave

This has been one crazy hot summer so far. Stepping outside is like opening the door to a pizza oven (without the mouth-watering smell). Since none of us have time to take a cold shower every hour, these five cooling beauty products will provide immediate relief from the heat. So don't sweat it-stash these under $15-picks in your fridge for an extra-cool effect, and for goodness sake sit closer to the fan/air conditioner! Related: Jump in the pool with these water workouts.

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Cooling Mist
Wearing a heavy fragrance when it's sweltering outside is like sporting a full face of makeup at the beach. Lighten up with a scented body spray. This aloe-infused version has a cooling effect when you mist it on and comes in a slew of summery scents. $12,

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Foot Tingling Foot Cream

Just as its name suggests, this peppermint-infused cream instantly invigorates tired tootsies and helps relieve swelling. Slather it on after a long, hot day at the beach. Trust us, your feet will thank you. $14,

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Daily Facial Towelettes

Summer's killer cocktail of intense heat and stifling humidity can leave your face feeling like an oil-slicked mess. Refresh your complexion on the go with these premoistened cloths. The witch hazel removes excess oil and dirt while the aloe soothes your skin. $5.49,

Yes to Cucumbers Completely Cooling Body Butter

If you feel naked without body lotion, even when it's sweltering outside, then this is the stuff for you. It hydrates skin without feeling heavy and contains a slew of skin-soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, spirulina, and, of course, cucumbers. $12.99,

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist

When running through a sprinkler isn't a viable option, reach for this lightweight hair and skin mist instead. A quick spritz from head to toe will revive stringy strands and cool down overheated skin. $9.95 at professional salons. Related: Quick and Easy Hairstyles How-To Videos

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