9 Ways to Have a Summer Fling (with the guy you've already got!)

I don't know-call me frisky, but I feel like there's something so liberating about the weather (finally!) being warm. From dining al fresco (even if it is just leaning up against your local ice cream shop) to being able to stargaze after the sun goes down, the great outdoors makes everything a little bigger, a little brighter, maybe even a little more romantic.

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Here, to get started, is a list of sexy-summer activities. What do you think? What have you done?

1. Spread out a blanket and stargaze.

2. Make out in the back row of a movie theater.

3. Share a milk shake.

4. Get cozy in a rowboat at the local lake.

5. Steal away for a park-bench lunch together on a workday.

6. Enjoy carnival games on the boardwalk (then have some fun under the boardwalk).

7. When you get home from your day, kiss like you've been apart for a month.

8. Wear matching flip-flops.

9. Dedicate an entire day to being naked together.

Any more to add to the list?

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