7 Outdoor Date Ideas

Source: 7 Outdoor Date Ideas

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, we're well into Spring, and I hope you've had some time to enjoy your favorite things about the season, from gardening to driving with the windows down and the music up. Warmer weather also opens the door for a new hot romance or a rekindled spark in a long-term relationship. With Summer and even longer days on the horizon, consider these seven outdoor date ideas.

  • Go Sailing: If you live by the water, take a sail or a sunset cruise and breathe in that ocean air.
  • Go to an Outdoor Concert: Most bands and artists tour during the Spring so treat each other to tickets to your favorite show.
  • Plan a Picnic: Plan a picnic on a lazy Sunday. Pack some non-perishable foods and enjoy the sunshine all day if you can. Take a nap, read a book, or challenge each other to a game of Scrabble.
  • Shuck Your Own Oysters: Although you can eat oysters year-round, I love eating them in the sunshine with a nice glass of white wine. And oysters are not only an aphrodisiac, they're fun to shuck too!
  • Sit at an Outdoor Cafe: Grab an appetizer and a glass of wine at an outdoor cafe after work, or enjoy the sunshine over a long leisurely lunch.
  • Go to a Street Fair: Spring and Summer are also fair season, so spend the afternoon with your date and bring out the inner child in each other!
  • Go Hiking: Get active and take your significant other on a hike.
These all sound fantastic, but tell me, which is your favorite outdoor date idea?

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