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Lazy girls, listen up! With easy hair products and beauty tricks, you'll be looking good all season-long with minimal effort …


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  • Calafia Beach, CA (Hannah Arista Photograpy)

    The scariest things threatening the nation's ocean and lake beaches this summer aren't great white sharks, stinging jellyfish, or snapping turtles. They are harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites deposited by sewage and stormwater runoff.

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    The Natural Resources Defense Council's (NRDC) annual report card on America's beaches, Testing the Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches, was released Wednesday morning. According to the results, based on the most recent findings in 2012, there were more than 20,000 beach closings and advisory days. Eighty percent of those were because of harmful levels of bacteria as opposed to other factors such as dangerous weather conditions.

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    "What parents need to know is that it's possible that your kids can get sick by swimming in polluted water," Jon Devine, a senior attorney for the NRDC who has worked on the study for a number

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  • Lazy girls, listen up! With easy hair products and beauty tricks, you'll be looking good all season-long with minimal effort (woo hoo!).

    1. Wear A Hat:
    Be stylish and smart by popping on a floppy topper before heading out to your cabana. The style feels old-school glam, but has the added nicety of covering up your ears and hairline should you forget to reapply sunscreen as often as you should.

    2. Shower Before Swimming
    Even if your backyard water is calling your name (loudly), wait a sec before diving in. Step into the outdoor shower that's a fixture at most pools and get your mane wet. Thirsty, dry hair strands will soak up fresh water before being touched by chemical-filled, chlorinated liquid. Makes sense, right?

    3.Use a Primer:
    The silky formula feels lightweight on and only adds seconds to your routine. It gives your foundation, bronzer, and blush something to hold on to, making it stay longer. You get to reapply less frequently.

    4.Shave Smartly:
    If you're anything like us, s

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  • By Erika Stalder, Refinery29


    Orange peel syndrome. Cottage cheese thighs. Hail damage. There are a lot of pet names for cellulite, each of them unappetizing enough to make us not want to talk about the phenomenon at all. That Photoshop magically smoothes the skin of every woman professionally photographed, well, that means as a society, we don't have to look at it either. But, amidst all this if-you-ignore-it, it-will-cease-to-exist mindset, lie many myths about who gets cellulite and why - and an estimated $62 million industry that makes devices to banish it.

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    Do any of these devices work? Is cellulite the deserved curse of those who gain a bit of weight?

    We talked to three leading dermatologists who specialize in cellulite research and treatment: Dr. Cheryl Karcher, a New York-based aesthetic medicine expert and cellulite researcher who also holds masters degrees in nutrition and metabolism, Dr. David McDaniel, direc

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  • by SELF

    Try this fast, get-results, no-equipment workout to feel ultra-confident in that two-piece.

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  • The sunshiney season brings with it weird rashes, bumps, and bites-and a lot fewer clothes to cover them up. Wishing you had a dermatologist on call? Luckily, we have a phone full of top docs, so we got their clever remedies and tips for all your summer skin care woes (and saved you the copay). By Nicole Catanese, REDBOOK.

    1. Soothe a sunburn, stat
    To reduce pain and swelling, pop two aspirin or ibuprofen as soon as possible, says Francesca Fusco, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. Next, do a milk compress: Soak a washcloth in a bowl of ice-cold whole milk (skim won't cut it), and drape it over the burn until the cloth is room temperature. Ahh, that's better.

    2. Ward off skeeters

    If you're planning a trip to a mosquito-y place-or you always seem to attract the little buggers-start taking a daily vitamin B12 supplement, suggests Vivian W. Bucay, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in San Antonio. "St

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