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  • Kickstart your motivation to get healthy for life.

    Kickstart your motivation to get healthy for life.

    By Woman's Day Staff

    When it comes to weight loss, Dr. Oz has seen it all. Since launching The Dr. Oz Show in 2009, he's met and featured hundreds of people who have lost more than 100 pounds just by changing their habits. The secret he's learned from those who have succeeded long-term is to set yourself up to stay motivated. "Once people start to lose weight, they feel good and they're excited to keep going. But that fades. To combat this, build in some easy lifestyle changes that will keep you focused on your health. Eventually, those changes become permanent," he says. In other words, automate your lifestyle. Here, Dr. Oz helps you tackle the most common weight loss hurdles that squelch motivation so you can drop-and keep off-5, 10, 25 pounds or more! Photo by Brian Doben; hair by Anne Sampogna; makeup by Linda Melo; prop styling by Joe Maer; T-shirt by Hanes Cool Dri Tagless Available at

    No ideas for breakfast?

    DR. OZ SAYS: Eat the same foods every A.M.

    A recent study

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    By Corrie Pikul

    Small Tweaks Are Just as Effective as Big Changes

    You've switched from mustard to mayo, and you're cutting back on Coke--yet these aren't foods that you eat every day. That could be why these occasional sacrifices aren't changing the numbers on the scale.

    A better way to think about it: "You'll see more impressive results by focusing on changes that are part of a regular routine," says registered dietician Keri Glassman, the author of The New You (and Improved!) Diet. "Consistency is key." For example, if you drink an 8-ounce glass of soda every afternoon, switching to sparkling water could save 700 calories a week. But if you only drink soda at the movies, say, once a month, try to find a smarter substitution (the bagels you pick up on your way into the office, perhaps) with a bigger payoff.

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    Wait Until You're Really Hungry to Eat

    It's the rare person who can confront a menu, a full plate or a bread basket on an empty stomach without

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  • Food can do a lot more than simply satiate and satisfy. We've gathered grub that is great for your hair, skin, eyes, heart, and more.

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  • Kansas City Style Ribs

    Kansas City Style Ribs

    If you celebrate Memorial Day -- and the unofficial arrival of summer -- with a big cookout or picnic, you're going to need something to drink with all that grilled deliciousness. Aside from a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade, you could just pick up any old beer or box of wine and be done with it. But with just a little bit more effort, and a few guidelines for finding a suitable match, you can make that brisket you've been lovingly tending for the last 12 hours taste even better.

    Without getting too detailed (it's summer -- who wants complicated?):
    - Delicate foods are natural partners with lighter style beers and wines; the opposite is true as well.
    - Bubbles are great palate cleansers and are terrific with fatty foods.
    - Beverages with a hint of sweetness tend to go well with spicier foods.
    - Bitterness can be refreshing and is a good foil for rich foods.

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    Of course, if you know you love drinking champagne with everything from popcorn to pizz

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